“The more you beat me, the more I’ll fawn on you…” – William Shakespeare

You’re looking for a masochist who will take what you can give with a blissful grin. You play the wolf and I’ll play Red Riding Hood. Together we’ll walk off into the woods and eat each other up. I’m wiggly and giggly, and when you play with me the room is filled with screams and laughter. I love your perversions, and I want them to fill me up until I am fully submitted to your will.

A performance artist and a lifestyle kinkster, I’ve been classically trained as a submissive by one of the best Dommes in New York City. You’ll see the magic of a well trained girl when I look up at you with my big eyes and long lashes, and beg for your dominance. I’m a student of film theory, theater, and literature, and adore diving into your fantasies. You’re looking at a slutty, harlequin pup who loves to make you laugh and growl.

Put your marks all over me – I’m happiest when I’m bruised. My lush body is a canvas, cover me with a painting. I am your sweetest, most eager puppy dog for punishment and, if you like, the imp who will misbehave to get it.

You’ve found your plaything so bring me to your feet. Take ahold of my red ribbon ponytails. Let us begin.

*In order to play with me, you MUST fill out the session form. I will not be taking your request otherwise.